First Video/ Smoke Sesh!

First Video/ Smoke Sesh!



Published on November 14, 2018
Hey guys! Welcome to my very first video, I hope you guys enjoy. Leave me some comments below on what I should make a video about next, or any other ideas you guys may have! I'm so excited to be a part of this platform and can't wait to see how it becomes!
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honeyhaze869 1 year ago
Loved your personality!! Subcribe #4!!
dearlilkitty 1 year ago
I would personally love to watch everything you've listed in this video for idea's... some other ones are, if you like cooking with cannabis you could do some of that, story times in your sesh's would be really cool, eat an edible and read a story from a short book (this might work better with something humorous lol) ...well, I like your first video and look forward to watching more!! love this fucking platform!!
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