First Upload: Why I Smoke Weed


Published on May 01, 2019
Hey everyone! This is my first upload, and the first time I've ever edited a video. Can't wait to play with it more and get better at it! I hope you enjoy; definitely let me know with a like, comment, and/or subscribing! Have a good day!


Instagram: toking.taurus
Category : Why I Smoke Weed


krist3nmari3 3 weeks ago
i was your first view. welcome to the app
clohejade 4 days ago
yes!! taurus sisters <3 keep uploading, your doing great!!
MasterJediToker 3 weeks ago
I absolutely love the fact that 1. Youre a Taurus 2. You talked about Mental Health on the first day of Mental Health Awareness month and 3. That you are such an angel and cannot wait to see more of your videos

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