FIRST DECK SESH OF THE YEAR!! // SilencedHippie | Silenced Hippie


thegoldenfive-west 1 week ago
I so enjoy your vlog videos, they up there with nature sesh's. Can't wait to see Camp/lake vlog videos, that deck, looks like a fun place to read. I love the color of that nobody piece you are smoking with, blue strips. :o)
chungisandlungis 1 week ago
Love this! Such a nice sit down and smoke sesh :)) lol! Sansa always wondering what you’re doing ? can’t wait for more Sasha Monday’s!
stoner425 2 days ago
I start training my cat on leash to and everone like I didnt know you can do I snapchat someone put on there snapchat now cats are leashes but my cat so cute
ness 1 week ago
That patio looks really cozy
clohejade 1 week ago
ohh the styling video sounds like a lot of fun, cant wait! vintage clothes is on of my most favourite things

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