Fireside Chat with Google Stoner - The Ambitious Stoner Intro


Published on December 12, 2018
“So, in representing companies in million dollar deals, I have to have my shit together… And Cannabis has not hindered me, if anything it helped me focus in the night before on whatever I was reading or what I was watching and it gave me just a little bit more endurance, mental endurance, as far
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ArendRichard 6 months ago
I really can't wait to see this channel evolve. 100% subscribe.
koalapuffss 6 months ago
Great video!!
misguidedmerman 5 months ago
I completely resonate with the idea of being "born with anxiety" my mom was also sixteen, although a completely different setting. I loved hearing you both open up about how much weed has helped you in life and just to be more ambitious. I completely agree with so much of this and I'm really happy to be a new subscriber!
jonathanpereirarivera 5 months ago
Amazing content guys. Good vibes from Puerto Rico.

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