Expressing myself about Mental Health and Habits: Moving from Overthinking to

Expressing myself about Mental Health and Habits: Moving from Overthinking to "One thing at a time" to heal my depression-creating habits ... Cannabis' Role in the Process



Published on November 13, 2019

I RESPOND TO ALL COMMENTS <3 This intense way my life experience has unfolded has caused me to get tired of the constant judging and overthinking. I'm ready to be a little bit more quiet and let everyone around me love me. I've been blocking out the world... It's like having dark sung

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crystal-faery 10 months ago
Thank-you for sharing! I also wonder about cannabis and its role in mental health; how it can be used to cover up and "stick a band-aid" on deep problems or used to bring in awareness and add a new perspective on life and your identification with the mind. As with many things, there sometimes comes a point where you're being used by your own mind, including the impulse to use cannabis. Sitting with difficult feelings and thoughts is important. I know I have definitely turned to cannabis to bury the feelings of depression and anxiety. Of course, these mental problems can be true torture, and relief is simply needed to take a step back and be "okay". But I also wonder why depression and anxiety is happening in the first place. Why are these judgments and identification with the mind are happening. Can we uproot this? I believe so, but the "how" is easier said than done.
FecoLeo 10 months ago
Thank you for your thought-provoking and deep-thinking videos. I look forward to hearing your further reflections and awareness of what cannabis means for you. Living in the moment can shield a person from a lot of reactionary turmoil in life, as long as it is honest and authentic and not just running from one's problems. Cannabis has also helped me let go of things that catch me up in overthinking. Yes, this video was the pepper that gives the mind's sphincter a spicy wake up call!
cmntImg 10 months ago
great video! new subbie here hope we can support each other!
cmntImg 10 months ago
I loved this!!! New sub
Pinkpony 10 months ago
I understand everything you are saying. Very similar to what I’ve been practicing for the last 5 months. The amazing part is we see that we can’t continue to live how we were. I’m doing One day at a Time and practicing to listen and love life. My feelings, anxiety, depression, and health were making me tired, angry, scared. I couldn’t cope with day to day functions. Cannabis has helped me in every waking way possible. I’m not cured BUT I’m no longer scared of the future.
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