EXPOSING how much I get paid from Weedtube

EXPOSING how much I get paid from Weedtube



Published on October 18, 2019
Sorry about the audio the first time I uploaded this, hopefully it improved this time!
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Mr.Weedy 3 weeks ago
No bong rip? I'm offeneded lmao. I believe Arend the CEO of the WeddTube posted a video touching base on how much you get paid
budbart 3 weeks ago
You seem in great shape tonight. Glad you're OK. Didn't know anyone got "paid." This is a really small company (form what I can tell) with only a few people. But there have to be huge expenses: the Internet is not free. Storage for videos is not free. There are continuing, ongoing hardware and software and time expenses. And it's a start-up. There are no deep pockets (like Alphabet / Google) behind it anymore than you have Comcast/NBC funding your productions. I have no connection with it -- other than enjoying some of the guys (like you and Arend). Sometimes I start watching something and am so turned off by the content that I don't keep watching long, so I wouldn't think that would count as a view. You ask interesting questions. As to why you can't get anything till you make $20 - remember it costs as much to process and write a check for $8 as it does for $20 or $100, so I would think they'd rather write fewer checks for that reason. Always glad to see/hear you. Please keep going!
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