Expansion Protocol Initiated | HUGE Changes Coming | Growing with Mars Hydro | TWTGC

Expansion Protocol Initiated | HUGE Changes Coming | Growing with Mars Hydro | TWTGC



Published on April 24, 2020

Hello Everyone and thanks for Clicking!

Today we are looking at some up and coming changes to my garden, give some hints, talk about my Mars Hydro light and have a question for the growing community!

I Hope you enjoy, and if you do Please hit that Like button, drop a Comment down below, and Su

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WeedDude 4 months ago
What material do you use on the outside of your 4in intake fan? always a treat watching your videos Man good stuff!!
Mr-Foxx1970 5 months ago
great video and you even get a commercial 10 minutes in laugh out loud. and it's going to be awesome once you get the second tent up and start going more perpetual it will be awesome do you think you'll ever use a drip system on your grow if so what kind were you looking at cuz I'm trying to decide on how to do mine for you know I'm doing half deep water culture and the other side a drip
ProudCanadianCannabis 4 months ago
That is going to be a sweet setup for you Zoltrix Love how you have all your electrical separated out that is the way to do it if you can!! Looking forward to seeing it all setup my friend!! Till then.... Keep it green, Grow your buds frosty and take care of your ladies and they will take care of you!! Malama The Aina as BadGranny would say!! Duane & Proud Canadian Cannabis.
muvamillie 4 months ago
Imagine when the world opens back up. Your gonna be unstoppable on another level. Bc this is some next level shit. I appreciate the time took on this one bro
Staci420 5 months ago
Awesome bud, can't wait to see it all set up and growing like a weed! Literally lol
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