Published on January 24, 2019
HUUUUGE thanks to @Zen.Noho for donating all these edibles and making this video happen!
What do you guys think of my drawings? haha
Thanks for hanging out!
Category : WeedTube


jackbee420 4 weeks ago
No one's ever died on Marijuana... But koala definitely tried lmao.
assasymphony 3 weeks ago
You are a doll. Your drawing were definitely ten outta ten ahah. My personal favourite was the angry pineapple. xD
joya 2 weeks ago
Hello my friend
potato 3 months ago
10/10 banana is my favorite but you should have done a potato
chighlikei 3 weeks ago
My dog's name is Aria! Idk if you spell it the same, I got mine from Pretty Little Liars

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