Easiest Way to Ask a Better Strain Question


Published on June 11, 2019

"What's your fave strain?" the n00b asks the budtender. JK... kind of. Oregon Experts were sitting and discussing this topic. So here's an easy way to communicate more effectively in a dispensary!

Cannasseurship 101: increase your awareness to the vast world of strain effects and

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cannasseurq 2 weeks ago
@ all you: What's your favorite strain for watching TWT? (:
420gamer 2 weeks ago
DOPE video & my favorite strain for watching TWT is Orange Cookies. Nice blog too.
cannabinoidqueen 21 hours ago
solid point! now I feel silly for asking this question especially with my dispensary coworkers LOL the more you know. The strains I considered my favorite were due to the pain relief and normalcy feelings it gave me. I really appreciate this awareness. Much love!
mloflo 1 week ago
Excellent point. I am really feeling the DJ Short Blueberry as of late, but my tastes are transient.
friendlysky 2 weeks ago
The cool English teacher

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