Duct Cleaning Scam - How Often You NEED A Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning Scam - How Often You NEED A Duct Cleaning



Published on December 08, 2019

A little chat today on the topic of furnace cleanings...the latest little piece of maintenance I’m doing to the new place.

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siayourcannaguy 7 months ago
Once every two years atleast for an exception. Molds and mildew can fuck your shit up
Leefhed 7 months ago
Have never cleaned ducts in a house b4. Still alive at 65. lol We use heat pump now and deleted all the ductwork!
brucebarchus 7 months ago
Ferns need cleaning I just hang them up in the shower
AlexaPDG 6 months ago
When we moved into our (at the time) badly-in-need-of-a-reno house, we had the ducting done. I watched them clean the ducting and saw the dust and nastiness being blown outside of the vacuum on their truck. It was gross. Our conditions of our home were similar to you - years since and maintenance done, various pets in the house (we also sprayed the house when we moved in), and also a serious mold problem too. Now that we are finished we need the ducting cleaned again due to the construction dust and any airborne contaminants. If you child has breathing allergies you might want to keep the ducting extra clean to keep him (her?) comfy
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