Drinking 3000mg of THC Lean - Puff Sauce


Published on December 05, 2018
3000 freaking Mgs of THC and i got my Instagram account back! What a freakin day. Lemme start off by saying this was a roller coaster. At times i felt like I was tripping, other times i felt fine. It was a seriously weird high to have that much THC in my body. But it was all for science and here i a
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raynebeauvaper 6 months ago
I can''t believe you licked the deodorant! Eww!
keepinitriel 6 months ago
Strain Central did 2000mg before!
nightmarero 5 months ago
Holly guacamole! That’s a looot of THC lol stay safe and stay lit!! Great video!
oregonexperts 5 months ago
Bruh r u ok?
djohnson65 6 months ago
The dildo on the glass door ??

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