Dispensary Haul || Watch and Sesh

Dispensary Haul || Watch and Sesh



Published on March 18, 2019

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another episode of Watch and Sesh. For this episode, I do a dispensary haul and try everything that I picked up! Hope you enjoy!

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HighAsAKite420 1 year ago
yere 1 year ago
Show feet
smack518 1 year ago
Had a great week. Got a long sought after job offer, great career move. Gave my notice at my job of 15 years, started transitioning my work, my close colleagues took me out for drinks, and starting my new exciting job in a few weeks. I think the introduction of interview/podcast format is awesome. I would only suggest that the occasional (far, far from weekly) at home, not just on location, watch and sesh would be appreciated because they are just more intimate and allows your personality to come through, more like on a livestream. I know they’re a ton of work, but the long form is where I feel like you really connect with us as your audience. Dude, it’s totally normal to be nervous about this trip. I’ve travelled a fair bit, not to extensively, but to different parts of the world. Your first overseas experience is to a very different culture, that’s intense, most people go to Europe where there’s a shared history. You’ll have a great time. But totally natural and don’t beat yourself up for that. Partial redemption, still not of full full nug. Ok ok. The DP was better. Have safe flights and a great trip! Try to find some time to explore even if it is a business trip.
deacon-morris 1 year ago
Omfg the app is everythingggg!!
stoneybird420 1 year ago
Arend, I seriously love what you’re gonna do with watch and sesh! Also love you??
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