Dispensary Haul w/ TY TURNER!


Published on June 12, 2019

Ty Turner came to visit me in Colorado and since he's a full blown adult now I got to take him for his first dispensary trip! We had a pretty good haul and had a great time making this video. I hope you all enjoy! We got cartridges, pre-roll joints, and some dabs! It's a lit haul.

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Category : LGBTQ Community


gigi-ebbesmier 1 week ago
the vine reference sent me lolol
weedmother27 1 week ago
we love ty !!!
mattlawmel 1 week ago
"We're gonna get run over by a van...and then ANOTHER van" Dead
Booda2019 1 week ago
why are your guys hands dyed?
stonedalone 1 week ago
Good chem with the plug!

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