Dialing In My Grow | New Tool Test and Review | TWTGC

Dialing In My Grow | New Tool Test and Review | TWTGC



Published on July 19, 2020

Hello Everyone and thanks for Clicking!

Today we are testing a new tool in the garden which will be a crucial part of dialing everything in! With the main event being dialed in, I can use that information to fine tune the other areas of the grow and get the most production out of the energy used!

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TGuy42 6 months ago
Great video and great new tool keep up the good work
TheRookiewiththeCookies 6 months ago
congrats on the new toy sir! a lot of people will be helped from this breakdown thank you for sharing.
JayGrows 5 months ago
Great info on the DLI. They're still trying to determine what is the DLI required by Cannabis and especially from strain to strain depending on which climate they are taken from. Definitely cool to play around with the experimentation. I haven't watched any of the Bruce Bugbee but will have to check him out. Love what you're doing man! Where did you get the Apogee, seem to be hard to find on the net, it's been on my list for a while but you beat me to hit haha. Great job dude, way to educate the community on PAR and DLI
TherealDutchman 6 months ago
nice buddy Dr.Bugbee is great...looking great as usual thanx for the lesson will check out more videos on apogee channel..see you again my friend
HeartStrongGarden 4 months ago
♡♡ pretty intense stuff. thanks for sharing this
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