Depression, Anxiety, and Marijuana

Depression, Anxiety, and Marijuana



Published on September 07, 2019
Hey y’all! Sorry that it took me so long to upload my second video and that it’s based on a dark subject. However, September is Suicide Awareness Month and as I found myself needing to come out of the depressive hole I dogged for myself, I figured it would be a good time to go talk publicly abou
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kiefykez 11 months ago
honestly, watching your video was like looking in a mirror. thank you for sharing your story. it could not have been easy. those real and raw moments we don't see enough of. mostly due to the stigma and also due to those feelings of shame and worthlessness. thank you for using your platform to bring more awareness. I'm happy I found you! cheers!
matthewwayneng 11 months ago
love the video! if ya get the chance check my channel out too!:) (doing sub for sub as well)
kushin’kels 10 months ago
This was beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us. I can’t wait to keep watching your vids!
peachy111 10 months ago
Thank you for sharing your story. I am watching this video feeling so relieved to see someone else who’s going through the same stuff. You are so brave. Hang in there gal
themonkegamer 10 months ago
I am currently starting a journey for my own mental health issues so it's really nice to see some other talking about this. So, thank you.
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