Day 62 | Almost Harvest | Friends Garden Update | TWTGC

Day 62 | Almost Harvest | Friends Garden Update | TWTGC



Published on August 28, 2020

Hello Everyone and thanks for Clicking!

Today we in day 62 and 42 of flower with the Girl Scout Cookies Extreme from ILGM and one of them is getting very close to harvest! The veg tent is filling up and about ready to move some off to the multi use 2x4. We also do a quick update on the GSCE in my

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Wabbit 1 month ago
nice man, your organic run is on point, plants look amazing good solid colors, and as you have found out and mentioned, way easier, lol ph water for the win, as for your flowering stuff that gsc extreme looks like some fire, def gonna be a taste lady, keep up the good work my friend, stay safe and happy growing
Staci420 1 month ago
damn bud, some sexy buds you are growing! All your plants look amazing I think! I wonder how much that one will get when you harvest her, she looks pretty heavy!
CoconutSm0kes 1 month ago
Your organic runs colors are amazing! They look really health.
wakeandbakewithmaryjane 1 month ago
Cant wait to see the harvest. They look so good !
dthebudguy 1 month ago
Loved this video bro good looking out for helpin by or friend your a great teacher she’s very lucky . Your plants look amazing band love the organic run as well overall lick as video and thanks for the knowledge as always ps fingers crossed that sk is a lady bro
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