DANK ASS CHRISTMAS (The Remix) ft. MacDizzle420 (Official Music Video)


Category : Music
Published on November 30, 2018

Dank Ass Christmas(The Remix) ft. MacDizzle420 & TheJoyaRide on Ad Libs

Directed and Filmed By: @babyflexfilms
Brought to You By: @brassmonkeyusa

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thegaystoner 4 months ago
Thank you Karen!
moongirl1125 4 months ago
Yay...dank af..!????
nichole123abc 4 months ago
is that some Roxxy Andrews read u wrote u parody in the beginning? But is it really a parody when it's better than the original?
localtrainboy 3 months ago
this was too fucking lit I love it!!!!!
crushxiii 4 months ago
Omg, I fell asleep through the live stream only to see Aremd was responding to comments all night!!! Put this on my bluetooth at work and playing on repeat till I open. Best wake and bake!

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