Daily High Club Unboxing X TheWeedTube!!!!


Published on September 12, 2018
I know it’s a bit late, but like they say better late than never ha!

I’m super excited about this video, because I’ll be unboxing ? my very first Subscription ever! What a better way to start it off, than with The Daily High Club, and TheWeedTube collaboration! An If you’re new to this to
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stonedalone 10 months ago
Brooo such a lit unboxing, it's always so cool to see people with the TWT Bongs
sallysativa 10 months ago
I seshed with you, Max and Lucy:) Congratz on your first bong rips! Once you go bong you never go back. You save a ton on weed too. Be very very wary of Weedmaps, luv. You got lucky and that's good. Stick with them but I only use WM for geological reference, otherwise they're full of fake reviews and people get ripped off every day.
auntieautty 10 months ago
Omg! Congratulations on your first unboxing and your first bong hit! Loving the great positive energy and your contagious smile!
inspectorchronic 10 months ago
Love the video. Keep it up! I subscribed!
mellothedramatic 10 months ago
Dude, i appreciate you showing the journey from literally the start. Love seeing a learner from the beginning! Respect what you are doing, keep blazing friend x

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