CoronaVirus Quarantine: Day 29 “Fixing the Dishwasher”

CoronaVirus Quarantine: Day 29 “Fixing the Dishwasher”



Published on April 15, 2020
CorornaVirus Quarantine: Day 29 “Fixing the Dishwasher”

The damn dishwasher broke, and me being cheap i fix things myself
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SKEastCoast 3 months ago
Good job. I don't hardly do dishes anymore ever since I started using one spoon, one fork, one knife and one plate over and over again. I keep a cup of soapy clean water by the sink for my silverware to soak in. That way can just rinse it off and it's clean. No more dishes, unless I make a big greasy mess. I never knew there were so many parts to a dishwasher. And, they are all made of cheap plastic. That's why your dishwasher broke. I bought a used $800 stainless steel dishwasher for $400. And, the motor had to be replaced for $300 and it still leaves a cloudy greasy residue on my dishes. I stopped using it. My next dishwasher is going to be a commercial grade washer with all metal parts. I'm tired of cheap products that break and don't perform.
Trevillain 3 months ago
I feel the pain haha. You're much more qualified than I am! I'd break it worse
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