Cookies CBD Autoflower, WEEK 3?? of Flower

Cookies CBD Autoflower, WEEK 3?? of Flower



Published on September 30, 2019

Quick Description: This was not supposed to be an autoflower bit here we are!!

Here's a link to the Botany Research Channel:
This is where we will be conducting all sorts of experiments with very detailed updates. W

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Category : Growing/Gardening


SKEastCoast 8 months ago
Mine are in week four and only look a little bigger. You would be proud of my grow room. In a 4x4 area of my flower room it looks like your garden with big healthy plants and tons of tops. The trunks are smaller though. Not like yours yet. I finally got my temperatures down to the low 80's. Going to be a prize winning crop this time.
KrazyKangaroo 7 months ago
I wish my auto's would stretch like that ! My node spacing is so tight and branches really thick in which causes me to have to do bud site removal which i hate doing but i have no choice any suggestions to make mine stretch in the veg period? love your work guy's
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