Confidence in Cannabiz: Our Mission


Published on July 04, 2019

CONFIDENCE IN CANNABIZ is a four module training program that gives you the clarity and confidence to advocate for cannabis and support others doing so as well.

I’ve taken over 10 years of working around hundreds of cannabis enthusiasts, and I’ve distilled it down into a few key strat

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Category : Why I Smoke Weed


thegreengrindersclub 2 weeks ago
I love your vision. our advocacy as a community needs to be larger
hizbd 2 weeks ago
So amazing Amanda! I love this so much<3
kushycassie 2 weeks ago
Love this ! You are truly amazing!!!
tristate.stoner 1 week ago
❤❤❤❤ cannot WAIT to stream next time. I saw your post on insta and got so excited!! you're vision and direction are so intune with what we need as a community!! it makes my spirit so happy. thank you thank you thank you!
MMJO 2 weeks ago
good video!

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