Chuwy vs Pulsar RöK


Published on July 10, 2019

Happy fkn 710 fam!!! I'm super excited to have been one of the first to review the exclusive Pulsar RöK! I put this Rig to the test and it kicked my [email protected]%. This is by far one of the dopest E-rigs I have ever tried. It's super durable, and with my 25% Chuwy code “ChuwyRok” it m

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ryan 1 week ago
Dude epic intro first off! Great review and I think I know that competition but have you tried the Carta yet? Def need to try this one tho to compare myself. Epic job homie
moongirl1125 1 week ago
That intro was fucking fantastic..Bravo..
auntieautty 1 week ago
Lmao! You were cracking me up the whole time! I absolutely love how you filmed this! ❤️
adriana101 1 week ago
I love your hype♥️
adriana101 1 week ago
You should do a story time next those are dope

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