Cheap DIY Stoner Gifts


Published on December 06, 2018
Hello friends! Crafting is the shit! Here is my take on some DIY, super cute (how many times do I say that in this video?) stoner gifts. I actually made 2 more diy's that failed fucking hard. Like it was embarrassing. Everything in this video was purchased at Walmart. I actually hate walmart with the
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highexpectations 5 months ago
Yesss I love your videos !!! Very creative. We should smoke and we should be friends :)
garciahaze17 5 months ago
Omg this was so fun to watch and im totally gonna try all of these crafts!!!! #dankasschristmas ???
medicallybaked 5 months ago
This honestly gives me so much inspiration to go out and make stoner crafts too! Love your videos ?
chapismotaa 5 months ago
I LOVE all of these! I can't choose which one was my favorite!! Great job.Can you share the other gifts you tried as bloopers? I usually make stoner ornaments as gifts. They're so much fun to make!
cannabinoidqueen 5 months ago
You crack me up. I love your videos. I’m in love with that floating frame idea.

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