CBD vs THC does CBD really sober you up??

CBD vs THC does CBD really sober you up??



Published on November 13, 2019

CBD vs. THC!!!

Does smoking CBD really help sober you up or bring you down when your too high? We used our hand #HuniBadger Dab pen to do a little experiment and rip away on some THC dabs and CBD dabs!!

This is what we found......

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erlthaprl 2 months ago
Sooo when does part two come out?
Yamos 2 months ago
If find this subject fascinating. I have been experimenting with the interaction. 42 years of toking up here and I’ve not made up my mind about its effects. Woah, the honey badger thing is bad ass. I think I reached the same conclusion: it kinda cleans up a heavy feeling high. Like high but it clears up the fog. I’m not sure if I’m believing the hype. Question: does the CBD satisfy your need for THC?
Ganja_Guy808 2 months ago
so what's the downside of getting too high?
matthewwayneng 2 months ago
you guys are cool af haha nice vid idea and execution too:D
steppinelf 2 months ago
great vid ty for the info going to archive now to see what else I may have missed :)
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