Castaway Boredom with Baked Bros™

Castaway Boredom with Baked Bros™



Published on May 05, 2020

Does isolating at home have you going a little crazy? Being cooped up can make us anxious or bored, and we might just have the perfect solution! We are as ready as everyone else for things to go back to normal, but if you are trying to pass the time by having some fun, our 5:1 CBD:THC ratio gummies

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Category : Comedy


Inorpuss 2 months ago
Hey I genuinely enjoyed the video, it was really entertaining so keep it up! Also I have a shoutout system in the beginning of every video, and it could help your account get exposure. If you'd like to participate go to my recent video and comment #jiply and send in a video submission of you smoking!
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