Published on April 13, 2019
In this video, I share a quick car sesh with you guys before heading to run some errands! I talked about living in the country, my truck, & Billie Eilish mostly! Lol. ENJOY!
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mommabelle 2 months ago
? GREAT VIDEO! ? Superior Quality - Great Clarity - Colors just POP! - Meghan is well spoken, intelligent and quite interesting. Good story teller. ENJOYABLE - Thumbs UP!
thecurlytoker 2 months ago
Yeeeeehawwww just watched your new vlog I'm still so psyched about your channel here it's insane ok here go the comments during the video! Oh shit bad guy starting off? hell yea bruther ... The cheering sounds when you lit the joint is def what I hear when I light up too ?... I'd for sure watch a series (or just 1 vid) of seshing with people in the truck ... I always get creeped out when animals watch me smoke too, my cat just stares and I get that judgey vibe lol ... Sorry the tolerance break vid caused anxiety; it didn't show, but this is definitely the community that'll understand that shit ... Medicinal plants seem to be a common theme for your 2 uploads lol, idk I think it's cool (and I'm v jealous of your dank looking pesto) ... I'm living for this Steve storyline lol show me them Oregon back roads, but the car jargon? pass ?... B I L L I E E I L I S H ... (omg I freaked out when the guy pulled up behind you I wouldn't have dealt with it as well as you did) ... I agree with wanting to see her in a small setting and I've constantly replaying her album since it came out! ... Ooh hit me with that ilomilo for the outro y e e t Well, sorry for the long ass comment but I just love your dang videos. Hope whoever sees this has a great day! Stay high y'all ???
malloryxo 2 months ago
Sasha seems like such a great friend! Love the video
nisey420 2 months ago
I love you Meghan. I love your content, what you talk about. We could ramble with each other for hours! I’m suck on the south tho in a another extreme cow town
smileyface420 2 months ago
hahaha shout out from VA!!! love your vids meg!! Need that video of you rolling up that GAME lol!! that would be entertaining!!

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