Cannabis & Parenting

Cannabis & Parenting



Published on August 29, 2019

A lot of people asked for me to make a video on my input with Cannabis &, here it is!

If you're curious about how Cannabis effects parenting, or just want to hear my experience... I welcome you to watch this video. I take a couple dabs, and explain why I used Cannabis - and

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BeardB 2 weeks ago
Not just moms dads too. I suffer with IBD and use daily and have a young girl to help raise and without cannabis I wouldn't be able to. I would get vary sick and have bad cramps and lying on the bathroom floor without.
auntieautty 2 weeks ago
I really enjoyed this, and I can relate so much!
chronickryoatics 2 weeks ago
This is such an amazing video, and an important one too. Thank you for sharing this with us ❤
Joann4 1 week ago
I totally agree. If it wasn’t for cannabis I would be in the hospital all the time. And it most certainly has helped me be a better mom. More understanding, more patient and respond better when they are going wild. This is a great video. Thanks for being real!
Whiskeygoldv3 1 week ago
this is great. i use cannabis to help with my anxiety, depression, and chronic back and neck pain. as a CannaDad, i believe its very important that cannabis parents come out and break the stigma that we're horrible parents. thank you so much for making this. #cannaparents
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