Cannabis Fires My Fitness #2

Cannabis Fires My Fitness #2



Published on April 30, 2019
Weedtubers! Hope you’re all doing well! I’m Abe ; one half of [snap1too3] and thank you everyone who’s watching our content, and pressing the like button! Wish I could pack you a bowl or roll something up! In this video I had a great full body workout after using both cannabis &
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apocageddon 1 year ago
Love this. Every time I blaze up before working out, I'm ultra focused. Also, Not hard to keep drinking water after.LOL. Anyway, team that up with my supplements, usually always have a good workout. Keep making videos. I'm now subscribed and supporting this channel. Keep weedtubing fellow weedtuber.
thegrowtentguys 11 months ago
I find that using cannabis before working out helps me to mind meld with my body. I can focus on the muscles I want to work and am really present. Thanks for the video!
Zeus_Cannaways 1 year ago
awesome video man great knowledge
Sensi-Hank 9 months ago
Hi nice video Sub for a Sub ? I will try to make my videos better and better
DramaticHighGirl 8 months ago
I use weed to workout all the time! And just started sharing about it. Do you just smoke or do you use edibles at all? I have started making preworkouts by cooking with weed and it’s been awesome! Toke on!
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