Published on April 24, 2019
TODAYS VIDEO IS ABOUT CANNABIS CONSUMPTION VS OVERCONSUMPTION. Both my own consumption and comparing it to the legal limits for medical and recreational use. Consumption the using up of a resource Overconsumption the action or fact of consuming something to excess PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THE AMOUNT THAT
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Category : Education


Scottigirl 2 months ago
Overconsumption is very personal. A little bit of weed can be too much for one person, or alot of weed for one person could show little effect. I think it is personal tolerance.
highjewls 2 months ago
this video was so dope to watch (: subscribed!
duhchronic 2 months ago
Great video! If you're smoking a joint an half way threw you say “I’m high” then just put it out save for later lol

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