CAGrow: FINAL DRY WEIGHT!  White Widow Yield AutoFlower

CAGrow: FINAL DRY WEIGHT! White Widow Yield AutoFlower



Published on July 22, 2019

Hello my Weedtubers! I hope everyone is doing fantastic! Come share a smoke and relax and feel thegood vibes! You are probably growing the same strain and are trying to get a sneak preview of what you could have in your pot. Well, I hope I did a decent enough coverage for you guys and gals. I aways

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Category : Growing/Gardening


AardVark 11 months ago
Congrats. I tend to have as little air or dead space in my glass jars as possible once I get into the jar/cure portion. It really does help in the end but I get keeping them separate ( plant yield results etc ) especially if they are different phenotypes. Another option is to just run smaller glass when the yields are not high enough for the big glass. Odds are you know all this BUT thought I would toss it out there for others who might not know.
stonedalone 11 months ago
Hell yeah love these kinda grow yield videos!
Florida017spill 10 months ago
so how many plants did you start with and what kind of light set up are you ysing
cartridgesplug 11 months ago
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