Brainstorming the Future of TheWeedTube

Brainstorming the Future of TheWeedTube



Published on September 17, 2019

TheWeedTube is growing faster than ever and with that we have to strategize new ways to grow. Not only with our tech, but sales, community and more. In todays episode of Arend Loves You our newly formed creative collective brainstorms some solutions to these problems, and asks for your feedback!


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dopedev420 9 months ago
I think a good way to bring a little extra money into TWT is to have an option on the site or app for people to donate money. I know there are lots of people out there like myself that want to help in any way that we can to help build up this platform even more. I think I read a comment about sending out thank you notes and you could even send them out to the people that donate. I hope this helps. Usually I'm a little more creative but I'm on a 6 day T break! LOL hope this helps.
Ganja_Guy808 9 months ago
it would be nice to actually see who liked your post , so u can go back and reciprocate / appreciate the gesture
chunkystoner98 9 months ago
Creating events, donating to charity, fundraising, anything involving real world problems is a good way to be out there and maybe grow. You know, doing that & also giving out the image that the cannabis community is more than just smoking.
tokingtaurus 9 months ago
You guys are doing so fantastic. I’ve worked in sale/retail/management forever. Something I think is beneficial is to send hand written thank you cards to customers or clients - for holidays, important updates, a reminder you exist, etc! Also, reaching out to the biggggg companies - it might not work but there’s no harm in trying. I mean go big or go home - send information to amazon to advertise their CBD products for example. I loved the video reel for dispensaries - also try asking them if you could put your business cards or flyers in their actual store. Then people can take it with them, look it up, etc. Include delivery services in that inquiry. Imagine being a stoner at home ordering some weed for a chill night. They open the box full of darkness and see a card for TWT. They get stoned and curious and fall in love with some awesome content. I have other ideas but I’m stoned and not with my journal now! I will probably be back with more ideas my b
LikeAGreenBean 9 months ago
I want to buy a WeedTube t-shirt. Where may I buy one?
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