Bong Water Challenge


Published on March 19, 2018
Ever put anything into your bong, instead of water? I wanted to try a few things out.
Don't know why - but let's just do it! :D

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cosmiccloudz420 1 year ago
Oh goodness !! Not the pickle jar!!
cannabis-daily 1 year ago
Mango's!! PS, You're a brave soul for the pickle juice, way to pull through! :D
wasserhexe 1 year ago
Haha this was FANTASTIC, girl!!! You are a brave, brave woman. I would not have done the kefir (?) LOL that was mental. I've heard different types of juice are okay/tasty, though. I'll stick to water myself. :) Have fun cleaning your bongs of all those liquids...! <3
rachetlala 1 year ago
Yoooo I'm Ukrainian as well! Pickled things forever hahaha. I cringed through this entire video lmao I could NOT imagine what those would have tested like!! Instant subscribe, awesome job
trippyboushh 1 year ago

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