Blueberry Muffin By Humboldt: TWTGC Flower Week #1

Blueberry Muffin By Humboldt: TWTGC Flower Week #1



Published on June 01, 2020

In this episode of our Weedtube Life ...

It's time! I'm schwazzing & flipping the blueberry muffin by Humbolt Seed Company to flower. This is a 45 to 50 day strain being grown in 5 gallon commercial net pots using Roots 707 soil mixed 50/50 with SOHUM Living Soil. The feed program is the

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ZoltrixGrower 3 months ago
Great video man! Editing look good, plants too. I decided against stakes this run, put up first trellis yesterday, looked much easier with help haha. Have a good week!
-TheGrow420- 3 months ago
Str8 Splendid Growth Is On Point, Love That Technique!
Wabbit 3 months ago
plants look good man, but i think your right, its the strain as most of your grows are much much darker color green, strain genetics my friend, and your canopy is filled, enough to roll for sure, stay safe and happy growing
NomadicNative 3 months ago
Hey Everyone! I wanted to let everyone know that this strain is VERY hard to clone using my method of cloning with root riots. Next time I’ll try the turbo cloner & see if that works better with this strain. So, if you try this strain in your perpetual grow, cut clones early & cut a bunch to get a few.
SKEastCoast 3 months ago
I have a few strains that never get dark green and then there's Gelato and Runtz that always get glossy dark green leaves.
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