Blue Cookie Harvest, Update Veg & Flower, TWTGC

Blue Cookie Harvest, Update Veg & Flower, TWTGC



Published on April 19, 2020

In this episode of our Weedtube Life ...

Flower tent #2 has been harvested, yeah!! The blue cookie plants look and smell fab! Things have changed, in this video I'll update you on all that going on in both veg and flower. Shout out to the TWTGC !!

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ZoltrixGrower 3 months ago
Daaaaaaang, Nice plants man! Looks like you've done a bang up job with them. I had a couple tips on mine just starting to bleach a bit too. I'm going to try stakes/caging this run. I was happy with how the nets produced but I prefer being able to pick them up, turn them even a little. Was hard laying under or leaning over everything last grow. Happy growing Matt, hope you're doing well!
Trevillain 3 months ago
The Gorilla Glue forest looks frosty
BadGranny 3 months ago
Beautiful Nomadic Native!!! Ladies as always looking AMAZING!!? I'm super excited about the BigFoot Blue!! Sending you and the ohana much love from your big island Fan!!! Happy 420 OHANA!!
Mtn.Mystic 3 months ago
Love cookies! Beautiful flowers
dthebudguy 3 months ago
Some great genetics on the go man
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