Blind Cannabis Grower


Published on January 24, 2019
As many of you know I've gone back to growing cannabis again it's something my grandmother taught me how to do but then some people wonder how can someone blind grow cannabis completely on their own rope here's the first in a series to kind of give you guys an idea on how I make it worK.

Be Blessed
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raynebeauvaper 3 months ago
Don't let people get to you. Your videos are not crap. I am amazed at how good they are considering you do it all yourself.
youthstoner 3 months ago
Awesome video! I definitely want one of those color readers! I'm not blind but I think it would be awesome to use ?
weightingrams 3 months ago
This is the first video I'm watching from you, I love it and I think it's amazing that you can grow. Keep it up! love you
kinogreen 3 months ago
This is one of the dopest videos ever, thank you for sharing.
holltayyy 1 month ago
I really enjoyed your video! Thank you for sharing and keep doing what you love! Stay Stoney! :)

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