Beanboozled Challenge! (very competitive)


Published on June 20, 2019

We filmed this video like a month ago and I didn’t realize what a gem it was until I started editing.

Sometimes you just gotta make yourself laugh. We sure did.


Also our videos will never line up with the right days of the week so don’t expect them to, editing on

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Category : Comedy


localtrainboy 4 weeks ago
Lmfao I did this before with Erin and she kept getting the canned dog food! It’s nasty AF
ishmokeflowers_ 1 month ago
I've never tried those before. and you dripping the tin is me lol
sofiajaneen 1 month ago
lillisa 1 month ago
Brussel sprouts
mermaidpuffss 1 month ago
omg when Austin got pear, I literally screamed 'oh my fucking god' in sync with you hahaha

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