Be Careful of Cereal, Dank Vapes, and Cartoon Cartridges

Be Careful of Cereal, Dank Vapes, and Cartoon Cartridges



Published on January 31, 2019
We need to be federally legalized! This is getting ridiculous, what next fidget spinner cartridges? We need change because these black market cartridges are popping out of everywhere and it is seriously becoming a major problem. I thought I did my last cartridge rant video but I guess I had to come
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wtzr069 6 months ago
You should see the MASSIVE amount of douchebags trying to sell all of this garbage on Instagram and Snapchat. It's unbelievable. Especially when people get all butthurt over being called out for selling poison through the internet.
alpal 6 months ago
I really appreciate you making this video! I live in an illegal state and I've seen exotic carts, mario carts, and louis vitton carts, all of which i used to by on a weekly basis. I stopped buying them a while ago because it's a felony if I get caught with it, but a few weeks ago I saw a similar video to this one and it scared me! We really don't know where this stuff is coming from and what's in it. More people need to know about this! Also really like your content I subbed :)
tommycanna 2 months ago
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simplisick 6 months ago
Thanks Alexandra! Gotta spread awareness on this subject because it is becoming a major problem and I will do my best to do as much as I can. Thanks for also subscribing and I hope my content is to your liking!
angelicprn614 6 months ago
Yep weed needs to be federally legal. Never thought j would even use it but it has helped my depression, insomnia , anxiety and woman issues during my cycle. That is so gross that they are giving carts with pesticides in them
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