Bathing My Cat On 200mg?!


Published on March 27, 2019
Hello Friends!! I hope you enjoy today's video where I attempt to bathe my cat while fucked up on edibles! Things went okay, could have gone worse!!
Category : WeedTube


mommabelle 1 month ago
_,\|/,_ Soft KITTY, Warm KITTY, little ball of FUR! Happy KITTY, Sleepy KITTY, Purr, Purr, PURR! _,\|/,_
billybob5 1 month ago
I watched the other one today and suscribed. Seemed to be my lucky day
meghamandeggs 1 month ago
I’ve tried to bathe my cat. It didn’t end well, you’re so lucky!! She seems very kind
tonayye 1 month ago
Lol nice ?