I TRIED - Mochi Ice Cream - Mandy Cannabis


Category : Cooking w/ Cannabis
Published on January 13, 2019

HELLOOO and welcome back to another BAKED baking show! I'm Mandy Cannabis and I think it's safe to say I took WAAAY too many hits during this video...see for yourself.

THANKS FOR WATCHING!! See you next SATURDAY :) Follow my Instagram for MORE MANDY!!! @mandycannabis



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thegaystoner 3 months ago
I love this video!!! So nice to watch while I was doing my daily work. Love how many rips you took you're a true weedtuber lol
auntieautty 3 months ago
Mistakes happen, but its worth it when you learn from them! :D I still think you made a great attempt, and the flavors sound delicious!
aaronbewza 2 months ago
HAAHAAA you are so funny! love your attitude :)
banddkid 3 months ago
??? you're so funny/adorable & you do such a good job editing, I think you did pretty good for your first try! ??
offgrid 2 months ago
Yum. Your Channel is awesome. Sunscribed. I’m posting my weed tube videos on the Smoke Network too.

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