BAKE WITH ME! - Banana Bread - Mandy Cannabis


Published on January 05, 2019
HEY GUYS!!! Welcome back to another BAKED baking show. I'm Mandy Cannabis and today we're making banana bread with a STRANGE ingredient... CHECK IT OUT!

How many hits did you take during this video?? TELL ME!

THANKS FOR WATCHING! See you next SATURDAY :) Follow my Instagram for MORE MANDY!!! @ma
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Category : Cooking w/ Cannabis


auntieautty 5 months ago
I love that rocket ship piece! Super cute! I love your little dance breaks btw! :D
mandimarch 3 months ago
oh my god you’re so funny i can’t handle it i got really baked (weed baked) and i’m dead. honestly dead. i need to go to hawaii ???????
mandimarch 3 months ago
Also. THE MAYO!!! i’m not the only one who does this! think about it - it’s just eggs and oil!
banddkid 5 months ago
*take notes* ?? Mandy Cannabis is hands down THE prettiest WeedTuber on the entire website ??
lonestarstoner 5 months ago
Your shirt Is seriously the best thing ever!!!!!

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