Bad Days, Bees, and Badminton

Bad Days, Bees, and Badminton



Published on August 12, 2019

Hey guys,

Welcome back to a new episode of Arend Loves You. This episode takes place in late July to the 1st of August. There are a lot of different things happening in this episode! First of all, I have an awesome meeting with TheWeedJesus and the Barnhill Brothers about a new series we are workin

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bluntlynicole 5 months ago
and a cliff hanger whaaaat???
misguidedmerman 5 months ago
Tim with the duck was so pure
babydeartina 5 months ago
bees, honey, chickens, ducks. She's a country girl. lol We stan a country girl. I enjoy these soo much!! Sorry to hear about Matt. I Love You Arend!!
AardVark 5 months ago
This is exactly what I am working towards. I want bees so bad. Right now I have a ton of chickens, rabbits and next up will be ducks. Bee husbandry worries me until I find a local bee keeper to show me the ropes. I am not a book learner, I like my hands on learning or rather my brain does. Really liked the intro! It rocks how fast everything came together. Sending positive growers karma to you brother, The AardVark
earthytiana 5 months ago
I’m sorry you’ve been so frustrated. We truly appreciate everything you do! Thank you for giving us a safe, fun platform ❤️
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