Published on May 18, 2019

Hey, everyone! I decided to torture myself by taking a wood to the face and talk about whatever shit pops into my head as usual. It was lots of fun! Thanks to @custowoodz for letting me try these pre-rolled backwoods. Be sure to follow me on Instagram: @indicawife!

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yourlocalrasta 4 weeks ago
Fuck blunts/woods save them lungs girl
kingindica 4 weeks ago
I used to smoke backwoods A LOT more often back in high school. Nowadays I’ll smoke it if someone wants to smoke out of it, but I’m not boutta go outta my way to buy them for myself. Lmfaoo and you’re right about people having a fetish for stoner girls
reinavega98 3 weeks ago
Her face when she ghosted is literally MEEE
puffpuffgyal 3 weeks ago
Lmaoo your mad funny when you did the ghost
packs 2 weeks ago
Blessings mate, keep blazing and stay amazing

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