backwood blunt hotbox!! (almost got caught) | Bentley Blaze


Published on July 12, 2019

in todays video i hotbox a backwood blunt!

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main: stfumatthew

weed insta: thebentleyblaze

this video is a russian creme backwood blunt hotbox! i also almost got caught by my neighbors

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mike02 1 week ago
I made an account just to see you here lol
lsonorasl 1 week ago
brooo i love watching your vids. you’re so peaceful and calming it’s great.
Yokuji 1 week ago
Every video your neighbors are outside xd
stonedalone 1 week ago
This was a super chill sesh, a backwood always burns so smooth
honey.buds 1 week ago
LOVE that you started editing your vids it makes it sm funnier

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