Awkward hotbox sesh (My first weedtube vid!!)


Published on April 25, 2019
Hey! So this it my first weedtube video, I know it's a little long and future videos won't be soo long (unless you like that lmao). The video quality and lighting isn't the best but that's okay cause that means we can only get better from here. Hope you enjoy the video :)
Category : Comedy


paulsmokes 4 weeks ago
"My name is Kevey, you can call me Kevey!" lmao you can't tell me you haven't smoked before you started recording
fallenanarchy13 4 weeks ago
Sending goodvibes and positive energies to you and your loved ones. Awesome 1st time video!!! Indica is the best, always love seshing with Indica. But love sativa when im out n about. Indica over sativa though. Lol hope i do as good on my 1st vid as you just did. Not a boring at all, kept me entertained. Thanks for the vid, have a chill weekend. Be safe out there
indica70sman 3 weeks ago
That was a nice 1st video.
babysmoker 2 weeks ago
I used to prefer Indica to quiet my anxious mind, and then to stay awake I'd drink coffee. But now I really prefer a good Sativa and to balance the loud with some high % CBD.
mommabelle 3 days ago
_,\|/,_ MY preference is also INDICA! _,\|/,_

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