Ask your Budtender!


Published on April 29, 2019
Thank you for clicking on this video! I asked you guys on twitter if there was anything you wanted to ask a budtender so here I am answering them for you! Let me know if you want to know more and I'll do a part 2. Love you all!

Come and say High!

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localtrainboy 2 months ago
loved this video! veey informational!
missa_anne 2 months ago
This is awesome! Thank you for doin this video! PS Your eyelashed are lyfeeeeeeee!
litblazin 1 month ago
I love your vibe basically ur personality(:
missysmokesalot 1 month ago
I love the "wisdom" discount!! I've used the "distinguished" discount so many times and the older people eat it up!!
420mermaid 1 month ago
first video I have ever seen of yours and I'm definitely subscribing now! please do a part 2!

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