Arugula Salad with Infused Poppyseed Dressing and Pecans - #LunchWithLo - Lunch With Lo Episode 5


Published on May 09, 2019

This week’s recipe is a whole ass meal, you guys. Using two of my previous videos ( and, I created an infused, creamy poppyseed dressing (which actually had a total of 1500mg of THC, in the video I say there’s only a tenth of that), and used some candied p

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Category : Cooking w/ Cannabis


ArendRichard 2 months ago
The moment when you tried to hold your cough in
provisional-stoner 2 months ago
Mmmm I need this dressing!
localtrainboy 2 months ago
omfg your videos crack me up! plus i love the fact that you also incorporate cannabis into more ~savory~ dishes!
themonkegamer 2 months ago
Holy shit that thing hits hard!
mommabelle 2 months ago
_,\|/,_ ya don't get off, until ya cough! _,\|/,_ Great Job JustHighLo!

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