Arend Goes To India || Arend Loves You (Part 2)


Published on April 27, 2019

Hey everyone! Welcome to Arend Goes To India Part 2!! I hope you all enjoyed Part 1. I'm really excited to be sharing the rest of the movie and I hope you are too!

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ryan 1 month ago
This is a part 2, unlike most part 2s this is good
geoffrey 1 month ago
favorite part was definitely meeting the development team, they are so cool!
clohejade 1 month ago
oh my god i am actually shook to my core by how cute everyone on the development team is! omg when they were showing all their little things in their office and the little plant! perfect there was even a shopping montage <3 could not have spent 50 minutes more wisely if i tried
jenro643 1 month ago
I really appreciate how you take such a positive and open perspective on everything. Also, thank you for including the explanation about the symbol on the mantra. I did notice it and was unsure of it's meaning and I appreciate you doing the research on it for your viewers. Love these videos <33 Keep them coming!
yere 1 month ago
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