Arend Goes To India || Arend Loves You (Part 1)


Published on April 27, 2019

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to finally share with you the Arend Goes To India MOVIE!!! Brandon and I went to India to ensure the app was being built how we needed it to be done for TheWeedTube. It was a really wonderful experience and we are super grateful to have had it. Thank you to Brainvire

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mystonerlife 1 month ago
INDIA THE MOVIE!! So stoked, what a journey. Gotta roll one before I start this.
stonersomething 1 month ago
And I thought LA traffic was crazy.
yere 1 month ago
Show feet
ryan 1 month ago
Stan every second!
chroniccrafter 1 month ago
I was right, I loved it! So cool to follow along with your trip India

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