Are Mario, Supreme, and Exotic Cartridges Safe?

Are Mario, Supreme, and Exotic Cartridges Safe?



Published on October 18, 2018
These cartridges look like convenient store blunt wraps the way they are packaged. There is no proof of lab results on the packaging as well. I haven't tried these but I have been seeing negative comments (more than Brass Knuckles) about them for the past few months and I am definitely concerned with
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stonedalone 7 months ago
Dope of you for making this vid bro, I see way too many people get hyped on these and brass knuckles
plantcult 8 months ago
LOVE moxxy carts the only thing that i don't like about moxxy brand is that their terpenes are food grade based and not cannabis-based. also- even large companies like brass monkey aren't the best quality carts. check out @cleanmedz on instagram. their page talks a lot about pesticides in THC cartridges. Live Resin carts ftw
jleon420 6 months ago
They're pesticide garbage pail bunk that people are sticking in these carts. SOmeone did lab testing on most of the ones you're talking about and none of em pass BASIC pesticide testing.
beyondthebud 8 months ago
Thank you so much for making this video!! people need to be educated about this!
phenylenaline 5 months ago
also, nintendo is larglv geared towards children and wouldn't come out with stuff like that bc it would ruin their image
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