Anxiety and Cannabis

Anxiety and Cannabis



Published on May 23, 2019

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CannaBeez 2 weeks ago
Wow it took me about three scrolls down to finally find a vid of a creator color ! This is awesome ! I have bad anxiety and i get bad mania attacks. Cannabis has def helped even the people who know me best see the difference before and after I smoke on anxiety. This is a great vid I wish I saw this on the second row of the main page because it targets mental wealth education , which I think is more important than a shroom trip. Thank you for this.
PuffPuffPassAllDay 1 week ago
as someone who suffers from severe anxiety, OCD, depression... the list... (diagnosed officially) weed keeps me from getting addicted to Klonopin (long lasting Xanax pretty much) cannabis saved my life, I do get anxiety with some strains but hey id rather be anxious and high than not! delta8 thc is supposedly the best form of thc for people who get anxiety apparently. depending on the way we ingesting cannabis can have different effects.
classystoner88 2 weeks ago
more of this relevant content instead of stupidity!!
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